case study 2

Ride Category Management

Categories on Olacabs

the problem

Ola cabs operates in all the tier 1 and most of the tier 2 cities in India. Each city has its own combination of ride categories. It was a messy process to manage them, as it required developer intervention to change even the smallest parameter. For example - if a city manager from Hyderabad needs to stop a few categories like Prime / Micro for a day due to a drivers' strike, he needs to request the assistance of the development team from Bangalore.


After speaking with the city operations teams we understood that they needed their own dashboards in which they can manage the categories based on their needs. This would take the unnecessary load off the development team, which will free them up to do what they do best. Also, business could take advantage by promoting certain newer categories, launching new ones etc.,

My Role

I was the sole designer on the project, working with a product manager and the city operations team to come up with a design solution. I started by understanding the problem, coming up with information architecture and translating the flows in to interactive wireframes.

the solution

Information architecture based on user research

The use cases I covered are to view, create and edit categories and rules. The mockups show all the various parameters associated with categories and rules associated with them.

Category dashboard

Create a new category

Rules dashboard

Create rule

Info popup


After the product went live, it was received with great enthusiasm from the city operations teams and process of managing the categories between different cities were streamlined.